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The end of the road…

After a long 15 weeks in this class, we are nearly finished.

I can’t honestly say I am sad to not have more assignments to do for another 15 weeks. I will say I am sad to see the class go. It has probably been my favorite library class so far, even with the workload. It has been good to see the future of library and technology in the library. I am sure after we finish this class, the technology tools we used will be outdated. But that’s the life and style of technology.

I am ready for the semester to be completely over, not just this class. I need the summer break to recharge and really focus on my next big task: completely potty training my toddler. Yeah. It sounds appealing, I know. You should be jealous. She’s interested, she uses the potty when she wants but we need consistency and focus.

I think I will take a break from technology for a while too. I am need some downtime away from a computer after this semester. I am tiring of graphical displays, reading and all that jazz. I doubt I will really stop, but it’s nice to dream and hope. I will probably fill some of my time on, doing some genealogy work on the ol’ family tree. There’s always work to do on it. It’s quite addicting and takes up quite a bit of time.

Well, I think that’s it. I don’t really have much to say. I learned a lot about how technology is being used in the libraries and libraries should embrace technology to keep moving forward in today’s world. Without embracing technology, the library will die out, like the publishing community is doing oh so slowly.

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