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Tweet, tweetly-tweet…

For the last six weeks — actually for the last few years now — I have been using Twitter. I use Twitter to catch the latest information out the in the world, talk with friends or just my fiance’s sister (their generation is all about Twitter, not Facebook), live tweet about some major event or awards show or just to waste time.

I find Twitter helpful for self-promotion, breaking news and live events. It’s always fun to be the first to see something, say or think something or know something before others and then broadcast it through Twitter, when appropriate that is. There’s a small thrill of it all.

It’s extremely easy to follow people and have people follow you. You just go to their profile and click follow or just click the follow button they have on the page or in the search area. It’s so simple. Once you start following, you have their feeds coming into your page to see what they are saying and doing. It can becoming overwhelming fast with the amount of information coming over your feed, especially if you have an active user.

Personally, I like retweeting. It’s pretty much sharing the tweet that someone else just posted. It goes to all your followers and on your feed. It’s simple. You don’t have to retype the same message that someone else just did. Great feature. I retweet several postings from libraries I started following. The libraries are especially active this week because it is preservation week.

I started following the libraries around me: the Louisville Free Public Library @LFPL; the University of Louisville Libraries @UofLlibraries; and the IU Libraries @iulibraries. I chose to follow these libraries and institutions because they are not too far from me geographically and they are larger libraries than the public libraries nearby.

I found their posts interesting. They provided insight as to what was happening on their campus or at their library, told me about upcoming events and provided me with little tidbits about books, publishing, reading, library services and the like. They have been helpful and they even reminded and told me it was preservation week.

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